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As a new blogger, blogging niches must come to mind and you have to be careful when joining one. You must follow your heart and join a blogging niche. There is nothing like a good or better blogging niche, it all depends on you (the blogger). Before opening a blog, it means you have some good knowledge about something that you want to share with the entire world. Join a niche that you are passionate about and have enough knowledge on. For instance, if you are good in computers and/or phones, then you should run a technology blog. Any niche you love, Go for it!. Don’t join a niche because you think they make more money or its very popular.

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Know This: You can make money in any niche. If you reject any niche because its not popular, someone else just like you is going to do something more obvious in the future and make the money they want.

In no particular order except for the first one, I give you the top blogging niches you might consider and join unless your intended niche is not here. Please, this list should in no way interfere with the niche you have in mind. Also keep in mind that these are the broad niches…they all have sub-niches…it depends on your capability.

1. How to Make Moneyblogging niches are good for making money
This niche seems to be taking over other niche. its quite obvious based on the number of searches people make everyday on how to make money. Many new bloggers do think of joining this niche. This isn’t the only niche that makes money but it’s one of the easiest…if you can show people that you are already making the money. Too many new bloggers jump into this niche and take the wrong approach pretending they have the knowledge to share with others about making money not knowing that the audience aren’t stupid. I’m not saying that new bloggers cannot enter this niche. They should only do so when they have accumulated enough knowledge on the topic.

Sub-niches includes; make money, make money online, make money in school, manage your money, etc.

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2. Health and Fitnesshealth and fitness is one of the blogging niches
Health and fitness is one of the top blogging niches but requires good knowledge about health. Here, you are like an online doctor. It is easy to gain traffic to a health and fitness blog and also easy to make money from it. Do you know how many people search for health related topics everyday?. How many people on earth don’t have one health challenge or the other?. People search for how to loose weight, how to gain weight, how to exercise properly, pimples, drugs, why this and why that. If you can provide a very good and working solution to all these health problems people will definitely run to you and you can make money from them. it’s that easy!.health and fitness blogs are usually run by a team of like-minded individuals.

Sub-niches includes; fitness blog, weight loss, drugs, healthy living, etc.

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3. Foodfood is one fot the blogging niches
Food blogs easily gain traffic but its heard to monetize. The best approach is to build up a large audience and use ads to make money from your blog. This is because the audience isn’t really looking to buy things, they just want your recipes. But you can even sell your recipes to them in form of Ebooks and make money!. To run this blog successfully, you need a good knowledge of foods and cooking. Its best for chefs who wants to share their knowledge and experience!.

Sub-niches includes; african recipes, weight loss recipes, herbs, fruits, etc.

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4. Beauty and Fashionblogging niches - fashion and beauty
The problem with this niche is that it is very hard even if you are a fashion designer. Beauty and fashion are more reliant on your personality and your ability to continuously get yourself out to events. The best approach for new bloggers in this niche is to focus on visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram, build their audience there and then slowly build their blogs. Beauty and Fashion blogs usually turn out to be a lifestyle blogs that cover a number of different categories beyond fashion and beauty.
One of the good things about beauty and fashion blogs is that you (the blogger) will not only make money but you also gain access to many events especially celebrity events.

Sub-niches includes; cosmetics, makeup, fashion, beauty, events, shoes,etc.

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5. Technologytechnology - blogging niches
It’s no surprise that this niche is on the rise. There are so many geeks out there who have accumulated enough knowledge on mobile phone and computer related issues and are willing to share this knowledge. Tech blogs are easy to monetize and drives lots of traffic too.

Sub-niches includes; gadgets, electronics, apps, softwares, platforms, Reviews, etc.

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6. Lifestylelifestyle - blogging niches
Lifestyle blog is so broad that I can’t even describe it well. Monetizing this niche is hard but you can still make money from ads and affiliate marketing. Some bloggers over do it and think they can write about anything that comes to their mind. It is very wrong…You have to define your boundaries very well and stick to it so your readers will know what they are looking for and where to find it.

Sub-niches includes; Home/Outdoor Decor, gardening, Travel, Survival, Camping, etc.

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These are my own list of top blogging niches. Hope you join one and become successful!

Don’t Forget: You can make money in any niche. If you reject any niche because its not popular, someone else just like you is going to do something more obvious in the future and make the money they want.

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