How to promote affiliate products on your blog (8 Solid Ways)

affiliate products

Promoting affiliate products on your blog is one of the effective ways to make money from your blog. This is known as affiliate marketing.  In affiliate marketing, you choose a product related to your blog niche, create product awareness, and then when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link, you receive a referral commission from it. The purpose of this post is to teach you the different ways you can promote an affiliate product on your blog and make money.

Ways to promote affiliate products on your blog

·        Post promotion: Using affiliate links on your blog is another sure way of promoting your affiliate product. Make sure the affiliate product is related to your blog posting. For instance, you can promote your web hosting affiliate links on your blog post that talks about web hosting by  adding a line at the end saying: “I recommend this particular host for a WordPress blog:” (insert your affiliate link). This is something you always come across in other blogs.

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·        Reviews: Writing an article/post about the affiliate product is a good way to promote the product. You can use a post to introduce the product to your readers. If you are a blogger trusted by your readers, they will also trust your opinion about the product and buy it. You must be honest when writing the review by including both the good and the bad sides of the product. This will win you more trust. Write about the product as if you have used it before and saying from your personal experience of the product. Do not exaggerate or lie because some of your readers might have used the product too and they will definitely counter you.

·        Banners Advertisement: Banner advertisement is another great way to promote affiliate products on your blog. Banner advertisement is good for blogs with high traffic. Tips for banner advertisement includes:

         Try to place the ads on your side bar.

         Link the banner ad to directly to the product instead of your review post on the product.

         Do not use too many banners to avoid confusing the reader.

         Place ads according to your blogging niche

         Do not place the ad into a post that promotes the product as this can confuse the reader.banner ads

·        Coupon Codes: Coupon codes helps customers to save money and everybody loves it. Customers are always searching for the coupon codes for a particular product. The good thing here is that even though the coupon codes reduces the initial cost of the product, it does not affect your commission, that is, you will still receive your full commission as if the customer purchased the product based on the initial price. Please, note that not every product sold with coupon codes counts as sales. So, you have to be well informed before using the coupon codes. The coupon codes helps you attract more customers and make more sales. You can even write monthly or yearly articles on coupon codes for many products. This is a great idea and many bloggers uses it.

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·        Emails Promotion: Another sure way of promoting affiliate products on your blog is by sending out email newsletters to your readers. This is ideal for blogs with high email subscribers. Sending out emails to your readers about the product ensures that more customers are notified of the product. I’m sure that some bloggers might have sent you some emails like this promoting some kind of product or service.

·        Featured Posts: After writing a review on the affiliate product or coupon codes for a product or many products, it is a good idea to make the post a featured post on your blog. Featuring a post means making the post sticky at the top for a long time. This helps to promote the product by making sure that it remains at the top of the pages so that every reader can see it. If the post is not featured, subsequent posts will push the product review post down and out of site of promising customers. If you are using WordPress, featuring a post is very easy: Click on “edit post”, click on “visibility” and put a check mark besides “stick this post to the front page”. See image below:affiliate products - make a post sticky in wordpress

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·        DIY (Do It Yourself) articles/How to Articles: Writing articles that explains how to use some products is another great way to promote affiliate products. It is very necessary for products that are technical and needs instructions on how to use them. Apart from promoting the product, the tutorial can also help to improve your search engine ranking (SER). A good tip is to use “HOW TO” in the beginning of the article. This is because most people search for things on search engines using the words “how to” (e.g, how to create a blog using WordPress). This will improve your SER. I hope you understand the gist now.

·        Paid Advertisement: Some people promote affiliate products by paying advertising agencies like Google Adwords to advertise their affiliate products on other blogs/websites. This may sound ludicrous but it sure pays off. If you have the money and you are very sure that the product is a hot one and also that the commission for each sale is high, you can pay advertisers to advertise your affiliate product across the web. You can make a lot of sales through this. Do not use this option if you are not sure about the product.


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