Myths About Joining a Blogging Niche

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I have heard so many things about finding a blogging niche and I will encourage you to try as much as possible to make the write decisions. Some of these things I have heard might be very misleading if care is not taken. As a new blogger, it’s good to define your niche and focus on it without distractions. Some will tell you to join a blogging niche you are passionate about. It’s not all about the passion but the relevance of your blog posts/contents. Joining a particular blogging niche is one of the major problems bloggers face.

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I never believed in joining a blogging niche. It’s the wrong mindset to have. Instead, I believe you should identify the problems people face and provide solutions to them.

Joining a Niche You’re Passionate About
If you are asked why you want to start a blog, you will always give two reasons:
1. You want to share your knowledge about something you know and help people.
2. You want to make money and become famous.

My Own Opinionblogging niche confusion
In fact, I believe if we are sincere to ourselves, number 2 would be our first reason. The challenge most bloggers face is combining the 2 reasons and trying to make it work.
– You have passion for a particular niche but you are afraid you won’t make much money from it.
– You can make more money from a niche, but you don’t have passion for that niche.

And you become confused because you cannot find a way to combine both of them and make it work.

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“Once you start making money with something, you can learn to become passionate about it real quick.”

Many bloggers out there are not passionate about their blogging niche but since they are making money from the niche, they have started loving it. Some even employ those who are passionate about the niche to work for them while they focus on other things.
Sometimes following your passion is exactly what is holding you back from making money. Besides, isn’t it easier to help others when you have money in the bank than when you don’t?

Joining a Sub-niche
Sub-niche is a subordinate of a niche (i.e, it is a section of a niche). For instance, Technology is a niche while computers, mobile phones, software, apps, etc, are sub-niches of technology. So, instead of making technology your niche, you can decide to join and focus on a small part of technology like computers, phones, etc.
It’s a good advice because if you join a sub-niche, you will find a very specific audience that relates to what you are writing about.

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My own Opinionblogging niche facts and myths
I have come across some blogs without a niche or sub-niche and yet they are very successful. Chasing Foxes (owned by Silas and Grace) was launched sometime ago and within a space of less than 8 months, they already have huge traffic and are making big money. It might shock you to know that Chasing Foxes did not join any niche or sub-niche and yet they are successful. They write about everything. What’s the secret?.

Answer: They don’t just write things instead they address issues of life, that is, they make sure their posts revolves around solving a problem. They created categories for almost every niche.

Question: Why are you blogging – passion or money?

Your answer to the above question should tell you which niche to join.

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