8 Creative ways To Make Extra Money Online

make extra money online

Apart from your current job, there are other side businesses you can do to make extra money. You can utilize your free time by engaging wisely into things that can fetch you more money that can pay your bills at least. There are many creative ways to make extra money online and the essence of this post is to expose you to them.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Become a Niche Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate marketing is one of the trusted ways to make extra money online. In affiliate marketing, you are required to promote the products and services of other people/companies and you get paid a certain commission each time a customer buys the product/service through your own link. It is best to choose a particular niche and make a name in that niche. For instance, maybe you review books, and every time you tell people what you are reading or publish a review, you include your affiliate link. With time, people will trust you for book reviews and gradually buy more books through you and you get a certain percentage of the money. This can also be applied to any other kind of service or products. Commission junction, Amazon, Rakuten and Clickbank are great affiliate markets to start your affiliate marketing business in a particular niche. Many people are making money through affiliate marketing today. Time is money. Start yours today…you never can tell!affiliate marketing


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  1. Become someone’s life coach: Helping people is another way to make extra money. Many people need help in their career, goals, family, relationships, health, etc. When you help people, you get rewarded and might even get a few referral clients from them too. If you are an expert at something
    (e.g, career training skills, exercise training skills, healthy living training skills, motivational skills, listening skills, great advising skills, etc) and would like to share it, people will be willing to pay for your help. You can meet these kinds of people on Quora, and other social media sites. You can even guest blog on other sites.


  1. Live stream for money: You can make extra money by sharing videos online. You can share your personal videos on advice, expertise, events, entertainment, etc, and people will pay for it. Peek is a great option for you. Peeks is the world’s first “social commerce” platform where your friends and followers give you money instead of just liking your videos. I know it is hard to believe until you try it. People use Peeks to make extra money by sharing their advice or expertise, for selling products, to crowdfund for social causes and much more. You only need to get people to follow you on Peeks and live stream your videos.

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  1. Open an online store: Some people make money by selling products online. Shopify and Shoppable are the great options to start an online store. If you do not have a blog or website, you can easily start your own online store on Shopify. But if you already have a blog with decent traffic, you can start an online store with shoppable or use EDD plugin if using WordPress. They do not require big upfront commitment. So, start an online store today, sell products and make money!shopify - make extra money online


  1. Review apps and websites: Many companies need people to review their products and services. Because they want to make sure their customers derive maximum satisfaction from their products and services, they are willing to pay people like you and I to review their products and services. Apps and websites are some of the products companies want people to review. Join Usertesting today and get paid to reviews apps and websites. You can also get work outside Usertesting by adding “’Product Tester” to your resume. As time goes on, your income increases more and more.apps and reviews on usertesting - make extra money


  1. Use your website as a job application: Many freelancers spend most of their time searching for work but you can avoid this by using your website as a job application. How can you do this? You need a website to start with it. The website should show your works e.g. if you a web designer or fashion designer, your website should show the previous works you have done as a sample. Then, share your work on sites bigger than your own to prove your value. Add your contact detail so that people who are interested can contact you. This system works for any freelancer and you will no longer have to look for work again instead work will look for you.

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  1. Consult online daters: If you know how to start a great relationship online, you can help others to do the same and get paid. Many people are searching for a soul mate but do not know how to go about it. These people can pay to guide them or even do it for them. You can also make money by sharing great articles on online dating and relationships. These people can be found on the major online dating sites. You only need to spot them.make extra money online - online daters


  1. Starting your own blog: Blogs are great platforms for making money online. There are many ways to make money from your blog. Running a blog is not easy but with the right guides, determination and patient; you can become a successful blogger. Starting a blog may be hard and tiresome but once it kicks off, it gets better and better and you will make lots of money from it. To start, you need to create a blog, join a particular blogging niche, publish good contents, get decent traffic to your blog and then start making money. You can create a free blog on Blogger.com or WordPress.com. If you want a more professional blog with no limitations, you can create one with WordPress.org.


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When it comes to making extra money online, there are hundreds of ways to do so but I have shown you my 8 creative ways to make extra money online. These 8 creative ways can fetch you more money than the usual traditional ways of making money online.

The purpose of this article is to expose you to other ways to make extra money that can pay the bills without technical knowledge.

I would like to know what you think about these 8 creative ways to make money online. You can use the comment section below and if you find this post useful; share it with your friends and followers!

Thank You.

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