8 Solid Ways To Gain Traffic To Your New Blog

You have a new blog but you don’t have traffic, that is, people don’t visit your blog to check out and read your blog posts?, don’t worry – after reading this post and following my guidelines, you will notice positive changes in your blog. Blogs without readership (traffic) will eventually fail. Statistics shows that about 95% of newly created blogs fail due to lack of traffic. Quickly, here are my recommended sure and solid ways to gain traffic to your new blog.

1. SUBMIT AND OPTIMIZE YOUR BLOG FOR SEARCH ENGINES: Immediately you finish building your blog, the next thing is to submit your blog to search engines for indexing so that your blog can be found online. There are many search engines out there but the best ones are Google and Bing. To submit your blog to Google click here and to submit your blog to Bing click here. After your search engine submission, you need to optimise your blog for search engine. This is known as search engine optimisation (SEO). Search engines are the number one source of passive traffic for blogs/websites. So, you need to learn SEO (google is your friend) and apply it to your blog for better ranking in google, bing and other search engines.

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2. SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION: Blogs hardly survive these days without the social media especially Facebook and Twitter. After making a post on your blog, you must share your blog post on your social media profiles, groups and pages e.g Facebook and twitter profile, Facebook page, e.t.c). But first, you need to build a social media presence. To do this,you need to have as many friends as possible and invite people to your Facebook page. whenever you share your blog post on your social media profile, it is only your friends that can see it unless you pay a certain fee to promote the posts. So, the more friends you make, the more people that will see your blog posts.Gain traffic with social media

NOTE: It is not all about sharing your blog post on social media, you need to also post other motivating write ups on your profile. This will gain you more respective and more friends.

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3. ORIGINAL CONTENTS: Please, read this carefully. If you do not post original contents on your blog, then your blog must fail because google and bing (the biggest search engines ) will stop indexing your blog and people will hardly visit your blog. Content is king – you must have come across that expression before and that is exactly how it is. If you are involved in “copy and paste”, I’m sorry for you because your blog will not amount to anything. Blogging is a serious business .If you copy any content from another blog, make sure you edit it pretty good in such a way that google’s highly sophisticated programs won’t be able to detect that you copied the content from somewhere and you can add a link to the original source. Also ,make sure your blog posts are long. Research shows that longer articles get better ranking and more shares.

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4. PUBLISH MORE CONTENT: If you want to rank higher and gain more visitors to your blog, you have to create and publish more contents on your blog daily or regularly. This makes search engines crawl and index your blog posts frequently thereby increasing your ranking . Also, it makes your blog readers always return to checkout your latest blog posts. Nobody will be willing to return to a blog where they keep seeing the same thing every day. Try to post new contents daily (every day) or weekly (every week) depending on your time.

Publish more content and gain traffic 5. EMAIL LIST BUILDING: Another surest way to gain long term traffic to your blog is via email list. This is one of the secret to all the successful blogs out there. Email list building has to do with collection of email addresses of your blog visitors. How can you do this?, You have to sign up with one of the good email list building tools like mail chimp, constant contact, aweber, etc. You can install sumome plugin on your wordpress blog and use its various options (e.g popup, scroll bar and welcome mat)to build your email list. When people visit your blog, they will be shown an option box on your blog where they are required to enter their email address and subscribe to your blog. Anytime you make a new  blog post,these subscribers will be automatically notified of your new blog post and they can click the link in their email to visit your blog and read your latest post. Isn’t it wonderful?!.

Gain traffic through email list building

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6. GUEST BLOGGING: You can also gain traffic to your new blog via guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you contact other bloggers in your blogging niche and send them a good post to make on their blog on your behalf. The blog post you send to them must contain your blog URL (www.yourblog .com) and you must be acknowledged as the blog post owner. Whenever their blog visitors, reads the post and likes it, they can click on your URL and visit your own blog to check it out for more interesting stuff. This way, you have gained traffic to your blog.

Gain traffic through guest blogging

7. CONTENT SUBMISSION: Another sure way to gain traffic to your new blog is by submitting some of your articles/posts to some article submission sites like Ezine articles and some blogging communities like Bizsugar, and blokube. Make sure you add a link to your own blog in every content you submit.

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8. COMMENTING ON FORUMS AND OTHER COMMUNITIES: Join most of the popular forums and community sites like Quora, Yahoo answers, Warrior forum, etc. Whenever you comment on a post in any of these forums/communities, you can add a link to your blog thereby driving traffic to your blog. Make sure you do not over do it or else, it will be regarded/flagged as spamming. Also,make sure you provide useful comments and help to the members of these communities.

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Getting traffic to a new blog/website is not an easy task but with determination and the right practices you will surely succeed. Also, you have to exercise enough patience .


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