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self-hosted blogs

When creating a blog, two major blogs comes to mind – the free blogs and the self-hosted blogs. As human beings, the free blogs sounds very enticing but you need to think twice and ask yourself if the free blog is really the best for you. If you are really serious about creating and running an appealing blog, I personally recommend using the self-hosted blogs. I will give you reasons why you must use a self-hosted blog instead of the free blogs. I will also tell you when it is best to use the free blogs.

self-hosted blogs

Why self-hosted blogs are better than free blogs/platforms

1. Self-hosted blogs are actually free. You only pay for your domain name and web hosting.
2. They are easy to learn.
3. They have thousands of plugins. Plugins are little softwares used to enhance your blog to any length as you wish.
4. They have thousands of themes. Themes are used to design the appearance of your blog.
5. Self-hosted platforms are very popular and strong.
6. They are backed up by strong community.
7. They have a bright future.

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Let’s look at some of the best and most recommended self-hosted blogs.

Major self-hosted platforms

Self-hosted blogs

There are three (3) major self-hosted platforms for building a blog or website. They are:
– Drupal and
– Joomla

Drupal and Joomla are also very good website/blog building/CMS platforms but i will strongly recommend wordpress for the following reasons:
1. WordPress is 100% free!
2. WordPress is very easy to learn even for a beginner.
3. WordPress has thousands of free themes and plugins to build any blog/website you can ever imagine.
4. WordPress is very stable and can be used for small or large blogs/websites.
5. WordPress is automatically responsive which means your wordpress powered blog/website will display well on mobile/small screen, medium screen (tablets) or large screren devices (computers).
6. WordPress is backed up by a strong community where you can get help any time if you ever get stuck.
7. Lastly, wordpress has a very bright future. That is, instead of going down, they will keep on expanding till…

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Free platforms lacks all these good qualities of self-hosted platforms.

Advantages of free blogs over self-hosted blogs

Everything on earth has both the good side (advantages) and the bad side (disadvantages). In the same vain, free platforms are not entirely bad. They also have their own advantages over the self-hosted platforms. They includes:
Free hosting: with free platforms,you will not buy web hosting.
Free domain name: free platforms,offer free domain names(e.g, but you can also get a paid domain if you want.
No worries: you don’t have to border about site backups, domain or hosting renewal, security, updates, etc.

Disadvantages of free blogs

– Lack of ownership: with free platforms, you don’t own the blog/website. It belongs to the platform provider. As such, they can decide to shutdown your blog/ website anytime they feel like
-lack of control: free platforms give you limited abilities on your blog/site anyhow you like or even expand your blog.
-terms and conditions: the terms and conditions of service provided by the free platform providers are cumbersome and strict. you wont even know when you will break one or two of their rules and they will shutdown your blog/site.
– you may not be allowed to advertise or make money from your blog.

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When to use free platforms

I will only advise you to use the free platform if:
– you do not have money or cannot raise money to buy a domain name and webhost.
– you do not want to take blogging serious or you are blogging for fun.
– you can abide strictly to their terms and conditions of service.
– you do not want extra customization or expansion of your blog.
– you are wiling to loose/give up your blog at anytime.
– you want to use free blogging platform and latter move to paid blogging platform when ready. Not really a bad idea but it’s better to start with a self-hosted platform from day one.

Recommended free platforms

free platforms

There are three (3) major free platforms I can recommend to you if you still decide to go with a free platform. They are:


But i strongly recommend for the following reasons:

– is owned by wordpress.

– You can still customize your site and even expand it to meet your needs because it runs on wordpress.
– Moving your blog to a self-hosted platform is very easy. has most of the features of self-hosted wordpress like community support, upgrades, customization, etc.
– expands and introduces new features every time. So, their future is very bright.

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Another good free blogging platform I would recommend is Blogger which is owned by Google.

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