Introduction to Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant

Commission Junction is a very popular market place for Affiliate marketers. In this introductory guide, we will show you the important things you need to know about Commission Junction. Conjunction Junction was recently re-branded to Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant. Over the years, Members of Commission Junction hardly have any course for regret. Commission Junction is indeed a well reputed company where you can find high quality affiliate products to promote online and make money.

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What is Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant?

Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant is an online affiliate marketplace, where you can find thousands of products to promote and make money. Commission Junction (CJ) is a great solution for blog owners (Publishers) to connect with affiliate programs offered by thousands of online brands. Thousands of Bloggers are making money from CJ and hundreds of bloggers are joining every day.

How to Join CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ network is very easy to join. In fact, there is nothing to learn about CJ and Joining is 100% free. You can simply sign up for a free account and start exploring the dashboard. Click here to sign up for a free account.

What Next?

  • After registering with CJ, make sure you complete your profile. This will help you get fast approval for any affiliate program you apply for in the future via CJ.
  • Click on get links. Here, you can either search for your target affiliate program via Advertiser list as shown in below image, or you can click on general categories to browse new affiliate programs. Commission Junction pays via Check or direct bank deposit.commission junction

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Advantages of CJ Network over Other Networks

  • In Commission Junction, you can easily select products based on different niches. This is good for those running different niche blog. This is one of the best parts of CJ.
  • They usually pay per sale
  • CJ’s commission pay sale is higher when compared to affiliate via direct product site.

Here is a screenshot of various categories which you can use to find best products for affiliate promotion.

One you join CJ, you can quickly apply for Godaddy affiliate program which is currently making waves because of their high paying deals. You can even check out other hosting company affiliate programs like Hostgator, Netfirms, and BlueHost.commission junction


If you really want to make good money via Affiliate marketing, you should sign up for CJ today.


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