Writing a book has chipped into the minds of many bloggers one time or another. Every blogger know the value of putting their contents out there and sharing it with the world. I believe everyone should have a blog, and I know that it’s a crucial piece of your public identity. For many bloggers, the idea to write a book sounds appealing, but they don’t know the reasons why they should do […]

5 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs To Write A Book Today

wordpress push notification
WordPress push notification plugins can help you get more traffic to your blog/website. With WordPress push notification, you can send messages to your blog readers even when they are not on your website. It functions just like the regular notifications you get on your phone. In this article, I am going to show you the best 5 WordPress browser push notification plugins for adding push notifications to your blog/website easily. […]

5 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For Web + Mobile

web push notifications
Web Push Notifications are now the hottest means of alerting your blog readers both on mobile and desktop browsers. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp uses web push notifications to notify users of any current event or action taking place online. Some mobile and PC apps also use web push notification system. The web push messaging system has been around for many years now and those enterprises and companies […]

Web Push Notifications: A Must For Every Blogger

using video to promote your brand
Using video to let others know about your company is an effective strategy. According to statistics, videos online receive the most number of interactions. They also get the most likes and shares. If you happen to use videos to boost your popularity, you can see a huge difference soon. Not all videos are useful though. Some others can be boring. There are also videos that won’t necessarily capture the attention […]

Using Video To Get Your Brand’s Message To More Users

blog traffic
One of the most interesting aspects of blogging is that you will make many mistakes and learn a lot from it. Anytime you start something new without much guidance, you are bound to make mistakes which you will eventually learn from and even discover how best to correct/avoid those mistakes. I could vividly remember that when I started blogging newly my blog traffic was hampered due to some terrible mistakes […]

10 Costly Mistakes That Reduces Your Blog Traffic

writing skill
Writing skill is not something one develops overnight. In fact, it is hard to develop. You have to write continuously for a long time before you can develop good writing skills. As a blogger, you need to develop your writing skill in order to write attractively and interestingly and retain your readers. As a writer, you have to impress your readers by avoiding grammatical errors, writing clearly and comprehensively. I […]

10 Solid Tips To Improve Your Writing Skill

Search Engine Traffic
The best traffic for any blog/website is search engine traffic (organic traffic). No matter the number of subscribers you have on your blog, organic traffic is what matters more than any other source of traffic to your blog. In order to start getting search engine traffic to your blog, there are few things you need to put in place first. Many bloggers think getting search engine traffic is very difficult […]

Why Your Blog is Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

social networking blog
Social networking blog is the next transition every blogger should be thinking once their blog starts getting lots of traffic. Your major aim of blogging may be to make money, but the real fun comes when you actually engage people in your blog by offering them a community where they can share their views with other people. This is very easy to do when you are hosting a niche blog. There are many ways to […]

10 Reasons to Turn Blog into Social Networking Blog

focus on blogging
Focus on blogging and leave social networking sites has been my sermon to newbies to the blogging busness. Today, I’m going to talk about those bloggers who spend most of their time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + or any other, with no focus on marketing, but in ways that are a complete waste of time. Remember that Time = Money in business. This is a very bad […]

Reasons To Focus On Blogging and Leave Social Networking

professional blogger 2
Professional blogger is someone who is an expert at blogging. Whether you are blogging for the passion or you are blogging for the money or blogging to become popular, whatever your reason may be for blogging, what’s important is how well you are doing it. If you are spending quality time (at least 2 hours) with your blog everyday and you are yet to see good results. It’s time for you […]

6 Great Tips To Make You A Professional Blogger

Since its existence, PayPal has become one of the best means of transferring money online. Although, PayPal’s reliable service is security-tight, scammers still manage to find loopholes and escape routes to breach PayPal’s anti-scam precautions. The purpose of this article is to bring to your notice, the 5 major ways via which scammers cheat people on PayPal and also to show you how you can avoid them. Major Ways Via […]

5 Common PayPal Scams And Their Solutions

old apple devices
Old Apple devices are apple devices that have lasted for about 3-4 years and the battery and software is beginning to fade. When your iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad or Apple watch becomes too old for you to use, what is the best next thing to do?. The best thing is to recycle your Apple device. There are few services such as the Apple store that can help you recycle your old apple […]

Old Apple Devices: 10 Solid Ways To Recycle Them

make money from the internet
Blogging business requires your time, effort, strategies, good writing skills, determination and patience. If you lack any of these qualities, you will end up frustrated one day. But as you wait patiently for your blog to start bringing in money in the future, it is good to try and survive using other means especially if you are a new blogger and do not have a day job that puts money […]

5 Ways To Make Money From The Internet Without Investment

ad networks
Are you a new blogger and searching for ad networks with fast approval even for your low-traffic blog? Today, I shall be sharing with you “Seven Advertising Networks That Accepts New Bloggers With Low Traffic”. It is an undisputed fact that Google Adsense is still the World’s number one advertising network. The only problem with Google Adsense is that it is very hard to get their approval. This is the […]

7 Best Ad Networks with Fast Approval For New Bloggers

make extra money online
Apart from your current job, there are other side businesses you can do to make extra money. You can utilize your free time by engaging wisely into things that can fetch you more money that can pay your bills at least. There are many creative ways to make extra money online and the essence of this post is to expose you to them. Let’s take a look! Become a Niche […]

8 Creative ways To Make Extra Money Online and
Once you decide to create a blog, many questions begin to pop into your mind. One of these questions is “which blogging platform to use”. There are many blogging platforms available such as WordPress ( and, Blogger (BlogSpot), Tumblr, Ghost, etc. Choosing the right platform can be very difficult. I have previously written a post which compares WordPress and BlogSpot (Blogger). In this post, I shall be comparing […] and – Which is Better?

wordpress and blogspot
Newbie to blogging are always asking this question. They find it hard deciding between WordPress and BlogSpot. In the world of blogging, we have many different blogging platforms for people that want to start a blog. The two major platforms are WordPress and BlogSpot. We also have Tumblr, Weebly,, Ghost, etc. People want to know which one is better between WordPress and BlogSpot and Why. I have decided to […]

WordPress and BlogSpot: Which is better and why?

affiliate products
Promoting affiliate products on your blog is one of the effective ways to make money from your blog. This is known as affiliate marketing.  In affiliate marketing, you choose a product related to your blog niche, create product awareness, and then when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link, you receive a referral commission from it. The purpose of this post is to teach you the different ways you can promote an […]

How to promote affiliate products on your blog (8 Solid Ways)

wordpress plugins for seo
WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform. In this article, I shall be sharing with you a list of the most recommended and popular WordPress plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Please, bear in mind that you cannot use all these WordPress plugins for SEO at once. You can only use a combination of two or more at a time but at the end of this post, I shall tell you the […]

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for SEO

If you are setting up a WordPress site for your clients (or friends), you want to do your best to make WordPress easy for them to use and without them being able to make big changes that can damage the site. If your goal is to create a site that matches users’ needs, then you’ll want to dumb it down and remove all extraneous functionalities. An effective setup should naturally prevent […]

5 Tips to Make WordPress Easier to Use for Your Clients

Commission Junction is a very popular market place for Affiliate marketers. In this introductory guide, we will show you the important things you need to know about Commission Junction. Conjunction Junction was recently re-branded to Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant. Over the years, Members of Commission Junction hardly have any course for regret. Commission Junction is indeed a well reputed company where you can find high quality affiliate products to […]

Introduction to Commission Junction Affiliate by Conversant