5 best ways to make money from your blog/website

blogging niches are good for making money

Before reading this, I believe you already have a blog/website with some amount of traffic. If you do, then read on but if you don’t, then you have to learn how to create a blog/website and how to gain traffic to your new blog.website. Making money from a blog is not easy for a newbie but it eventually pays off on the long run. So, you have to be patient enough before you start making good amount of money from your blog/website.

You can make money from your blog/website in five (5) major ways. These five ways are best ways to make money online from your blog/website. they are as follows:

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1. Ad Networks: Once you have a blog with good contents and decent amount of traffic, you can register with advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Media.net, Infolinks, Revcontent, Chitika, Clicksor, Adclickmedia, etc. 

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These ad networks will put adverts on your blog or website and you will be paid each time somebody (your blog/website visitor) clicks or views the advertisement. The highest paying and the most trusted of all the Ad networks is Google Adsense which is owned by Google.

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2. Affiliate Marketing: This is another sure way to make decent money from a blog/website. 

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Affiliate marketing companies are companies that sells their products online and when you register with them, they will put their products on your blog/website visitors clicks on any of the products on your blog/website and buys the product (s), the affiliate marketing company will pay you a certain commission. Some pay as high as 10% of any product bought from them through your blog/website. Some of the highest paying affiliate companies are Amazon, Clickbank, and Commission junction.

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3. Direct Advertisement: This is when companies/people contacts you directly to run an advert on your blog or website. It is not a must that these companies or people will contact you, you can contact them and convince them to advertise their business on your blog for a certain amount and for a certain period of time. Here, you cut off the middle men (Ad networks, Affiliate networks, etc) and run the adverts directly on your blog/website. The adverts can be a text ad or banner ad.

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4. Selling your own Product/Services: You can sell your own products/services on your blog/website. This is a very nice way to make money online. There is hardly any successful blogger who doesn’t sell something on their blog. You can sell Ebooks or physical products on your blog/website. If you have a great idea about something which satisfies a need, you can write it down, make an Ebook and sell it online on your blog. If you also have a nice service you can provide to your site visitors, you can put it up on your blog. For instance, if you know how to create a website or blog, you can display an advert on your blog/website with reference to blog or website creation. Some of your site visitors may be interested and contact you to build a website or blog for them and you can then charge them a certain fee for your service.

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5. Sponsored posts/Reviews: Here, you can charge companies or businesses to write posts or reviews about their products, services or businesses. 

This is very simple. It is like another form of advertisement. You contact these companies/people (or they contact you) to write a sponsored post or review on their products/services and you charge them a certain amount for it. It is that simple.

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Remember: Before you can start making decent amount of money from your blog/website, you need to be very patient (a patient dog eats the fattest bone), very determined and dedicated to the success of your blog/website. If you lack these qualities, you are more likely to give up. Reading other blogger’s success story can motivate you.

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