30 unpopular/non-competitive blogging niche topics that are profitable

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This lesson is as a result of many requests we have gotten concerning blogging niche topics that are not popular or that have not been used or that are not competitive. Do you want to become a niche blogger? If yes, then this lesson is for you.

You might be wondering: That all the popular and profitable blogging niche topics have been taken already. What should I do?

Choosing a good blogging niche topic may be very difficult for a new blogger. You may join an unprofitable blogging niche that is very hard to monetize. This is the first major problem faced by new bloggers and if care is not taken, they may end up in the wrong niche only to realise many years later and give up.
But Don’t worry… GeekBado has got your back!

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Who is a Niche Blogger?
For newbies, Niche blogger is a blogger who focuses on a single topic. For instance, instead of blogging about everything in general (technology, health, news, sports, fashion, politics, etc), you can choose to focus on only technology or health. Within the blogging niches we also have sub-niches. For instance, instead of blogging about technology which you know is a very wide topic that you cannot cover, you can decide to focus on only mobile phones or computers or gadgets and so on.
The Niche blogger will write extensively on his/her chosen niche topic to the level he or she becomes an authority (dominant) in that niche.

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Why Start a Niche Blog?
Nowadays, niche blogging is the best and only way if you want to make money from blogging. Here, you are focusing on a single topic until your readers know you by that topic. I have seen many new bloggers who started with one particular niche topic and later jumped into another and later jumped into yet another niche topic. It is very wrong to do that. You have to be consistent, determined and exercise patience before you start seeing results. Every blogger needs these three ingredients (consistency, determination and patience).

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Here are the 30 non-popular/non-competitive/untapped niche blog topics that you can choose to join

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1. Cheap phones
2. Latest phones
3. Cheap Laptops
4. Kids security tips
5. Prayer points
6. Event Planning
7. Home and event decor
8. Slimming tea
9. Scar remover
10. Table Manners
11. Moringa benefits
12. New baby list
13. Sugar mummy
14. Cheap flight tickets
15. Cheap hotels
16. Upcoming events
17. Study abroad
18. Penis enlargement
19. Herbal Remedies
20. Cheap cars
21. pets
22. Cheap watches
23. World history and records
24. Shocking events
25. Wedding tips
26. Cultures and traditions
27. Gardening
28. Animal farm
29. Discoveries
30. Critics

All these blogging niche topics have high search volumes on Google, are not popular and have fairly low competition.
You can do your own research on these niche topics too to be sure that it suits your liking before you pick them.


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