​Top 10 free wordpress plugins for your new blog

You have a new blog and want to know the top plugins you need for your blog in order to get started? Don’t worry… GeekBado is here to help you. We have compiled a list of the top 10 plugins your new blog needs in order to zoom off.

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Below are the Top 10 WordPress plugins for your new blog;

1) Akismet

Free WordPress plugins Akismet is the number one antispam tool for wordpress. Keeping spammers away from your blog can be very tiring but with akismet, spamming can be greatly reduced saving you from all those stress and time wasted on filtering spams. Spam can be very irritating. Akismet fights spams in your comment form, registration form, contact form and the like. Spam comments in WordPress are the most irritating of all but with akismet all that will be taken care of. Akismet is a free plugin but if you want the paid one, you can also get it. The paid akismet offers more protection for your blog but the free is also very good. Other good alternatives to Akismet are wp spamshield and antispam bee.

2) Google XML Sitemaps

Free WordPress plugins XML Sitemap is a must have for every blog. This is because it helps bots to crawl your blog very well thereby increasing your search engine ranking. Even if your posts are well optimized for SEO, if your blog lacks an XML sitemap, it may not still rank well in search engines. Google XML Sitemaps plugin is the best XML sitemap generator for your blog because it was written with google in mind and you know google is the best search engine and the target of every blogger. Another good alternative is the XML sitemap generator provided by Yoast SEO plugin.

3) Contact Form 7

Free WordPress pluginsWhen it comes to adding a contact form to your blog, contact form 7 is your best bet. With contact form 7, you can create any type of contact form without the knowledge of PHP, CSS, and so on….it is that simple. Contact form 7 gives you the ability to add different fields to your form and even designate some of the fields as “required”. Some of the fields your can add to your form includes; email address field, phone number field, name, website, and so on. The good news is that you can easily add your contact form to a post or page using shortcodes provided by contact form 7. You can do all these without coding any PHP, CSS, javascript or whatever. Also, contact form 7 is 100% free! Other good alternatives are the contact forms provided by Jetpack plugin and the one provided by Ninja forms plugin.

4) Jetpack by WordPress.com

Free WordPress plugins

The jetpack plugin is a very crazy one. It provides you with almost all the functionalities of a wordpress.com blog. Instead of installing several plugins to obtain these functionalities, jetpack has put all of them together in one plugin making it very easy and convenient for you to manage and extend your self-hosted blog. There are over 30 plugins contained in jetpack. Few of these plugins includes: Related Posts, mobile theme, contact form, Photon, Site Stats, email subscribe form,social share, social publishing and lots and lots more. For jetpack to work on your blog, you have to register an account with WordPress.com and then connect the account to your self-hosted blog. It is very easy and jetpack is also free to use.

5) Wordfence Security

Free WordPress plugins The use of passwords alone to protect your wordpress blog is not enough. Therefore, you need a security plugin to protect your blog in so many ways. The most recommended free wordpress security plugin is Wordfence. The features of Wordfence security plugin includes: scanning for vulnerabilities on your blog, blocking malicious networks, monitoring various behaviours on your blog and blocking them, and much more. It’s also 100% free!

6) Yoast SEO

Free WordPress pluginsYoast SEO plugin makes search engine optimization very easy even for a beginner. Yoast SEO helps you create contents (posts and pages) that are well optimized for search engines especially for Google search. Yoast SEO plugin also provides a XML sitemap plugins which is as good as the Google XML sitemap. As you create a post or a page, Yoast SEO is there to guide you every step of the way so as to write a post or create a page that is Search engine optimized thereby increasing your post or page search engine ranking. It is also free. Another alternative is All in one SEO Pack.

7) WP Super Cache

This plugin speeds up your blog by caching your blog files. A blog that loads slowly is very bad because it discourages your blog visitors. Research also shows that fast loading websites rank better than slow loading ones. You can use Pingdom service to check your blog loading speed before and after installing WP super cacheWP super cache is very easy to use. Another good alternative is W3 total cache but it is very cumbersome and can be confusing for a beginner. WP super cache is also 100% free to use!

8) Regenerate Thumbnails

Free WordPress plugins Once you start blogging, you will notice that the images you add to your posts and pages look blur or distorted but with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, your images will appear more clean, clear and colourful. If you already have posts and pages with blur or distorted images, don’t worry, just install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and regenerate all your images. It is a very handy plugin and a must have for better looking blog contents. It is free!

9) Sumo Me

Free WordPress plugins Sumo Me is another great plugin I respect and recommend so much to bloggers especially to beginners. Sumo Me has many plugins integrated into it to provide you with some essential services. The 2 major functionalities you can enjoy from Sumo Me is social sharing and email subscribe form. Sumo Me social sharing service adds many social media buttons to the top, bottom or side of your blog post or page making it easy for you and your readers to share your posts and pages to many top social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, email, and lots more. This helps bring in new visitors to your blog and increase your blog readership. Sumo Me email subscribe form gives you more option to create and add an email newsletter subscribe form to anywhere on your blog. You can use the scroll bar, popup, or/and top bar options to display the form. This helps to compel your blog readers to subscribe to your mailing list and get email notifications of latest posts on your blog. Building email lists helps you retain your blog readers. Sumo Me also have other good services you can tap into. So, install and activate Sumo Me on your blog and use it today. Another plugin that can provide the social sharing and email subscribe form functionality is Jetpack but Sumo Me is way better and It is free!

10) SNAP (Social Network Auto Publisher)

Free WordPress plugins This is yet another great plugin for your wordpress blog. SNAP helps you share your blog posts to your social media profiles and pages such as twitter, facebook, google+ etc. It saves you the stress and time wasted on manually sharing your blog posts to your social media profiles and pages. Immediately you finish making a post, SNAP automatically shares the post to your social media profiles and pages. It is 100% free and a must have for every blogger.

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