​5 Tips on optimizing your wordpress slug

The purpose of this short post is to give you some quick and essential tips you need to optimize your post’s or page’s slug. WordPress slug simply means your post’s or page’s URL. Optimizing your post’s or page’s slug for search engines is very important as it improves your blog search engine ranking over time.

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If you want to know if optimizing your wordpress slug really matters, then you have to conduct a simple test to determine that. To do this, you can create and publish two posts or pages of the same title and content at the same time and after some time, you can use google or bing to find out which one of the post or page shows up first.Wordpress slug on GeekBado

Here are some tips for optimizing your slugs:

  • Avoid slug duplicates: Make sure your wordpress slugs are totally different from each other to avoid conflicts between two or more posts or pages. Although, wordpress won’t allow duplicate slugs but you must also take this into account when creating a slug for your post or pages.
  • Target SEO keywords: How can people find your posts or pages on search engines? This is a question you must ask yourself while creating a slug. Don’t just create a slug but create one with targeted SEO keywords. SEO keywords are simply what people would type on search engines when they search for the information you shared in your post or page. For instance, if you have a post or page with a slug like this: www.yourblog.com/cheap-toyota-camry, when people search for cheap Toyota camry, your blog post or page with the appropriate slug is more likely to show up on the search result than others.Wordpress slug on GeekBado
  • Don’t change the slug after publishing the post: It is not ideal to change a slug after publishing the post or page unless it is very important you do so. Changing a slug after publishing the post or page can make that post or page lose its search engine ranking and traffic. If you have to change a slug, it is safer to do so immediately after publishing the post or page. If the post or page has stayed for so some time, you better leave it that way unless it is VERY VERY NECESARY.
  • Avoid long slugs: short slugs are better for SEO than long slugs. So, try to shorten your post’s or page’s slug. It is that simple.
  • Use Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO is one of the most recommended and downloaded wordpress plugins. It is used by most bloggers. Yoast SEO plugin makes search engine optimization very easy even for a beginner. Yoast SEO helps you create contents (posts and pages) that are well optimized for search engines especially for Google search. Yoast SEO plugin also provides a XML sitemap plugins which is as good as the Google XML sitemap. As you create a post or a page, Yoast SEO is there to guide you every step of the way so as to write a post or create a page that is Search engine optimized thereby increasing your post or page search engine ranking. Another alternative is wp SEO plugin but Yoast SEO is way better!

These are my 5 best tips on how to optimize your wordpress slug.


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