Writing a book has chipped into the minds of many bloggers one time or another. Every blogger know the value of putting their contents out there and sharing it with the world. I believe everyone should have a blog, and I know that it’s a crucial piece of your public identity. For many bloggers, the idea to write a book sounds appealing, but they don’t know the reasons why they should do […]

5 Reasons Why Every Blogger Needs To Write A Book Today

watermark your images
You have a picture you love so much and don’t want any other person to steal it? Watermarking your images is the best way to prevent it. When your photos are watermarked, no one can claim credit for it. You no longer need to transfer your images to a computer before you can watermark them. Watermarking your images is now very easy as you can quickly do it using your […]

Watermark Your Images Using Your Android Device

wordpress push notification
WordPress push notification plugins can help you get more traffic to your blog/website. With WordPress push notification, you can send messages to your blog readers even when they are not on your website. It functions just like the regular notifications you get on your phone. In this article, I am going to show you the best 5 WordPress browser push notification plugins for adding push notifications to your blog/website easily. […]

5 Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins For Web + Mobile

corrupt windows files solution 3
Corrupt Windows Files can arise due to a system crash or bad processes in the hard disk. Fixing corrupt windows files can be very difficult. That is why it is very important to always back up your data. Nevertheless, you have a slim chance of fixing corrupt windows files if it’s a minor issue. Surely that slim chance is more than enough for you if the file is important. I […]

Corrupt Windows Files: How To Repair Them

web push notifications
Web Push Notifications are now the hottest means of alerting your blog readers both on mobile and desktop browsers. Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp uses web push notifications to notify users of any current event or action taking place online. Some mobile and PC apps also use web push notification system. The web push messaging system has been around for many years now and those enterprises and companies […]

Web Push Notifications: A Must For Every Blogger

using video to promote your brand
Using video to let others know about your company is an effective strategy. According to statistics, videos online receive the most number of interactions. They also get the most likes and shares. If you happen to use videos to boost your popularity, you can see a huge difference soon. Not all videos are useful though. Some others can be boring. There are also videos that won’t necessarily capture the attention […]

Using Video To Get Your Brand’s Message To More Users

blog traffic
One of the most interesting aspects of blogging is that you will make many mistakes and learn a lot from it. Anytime you start something new without much guidance, you are bound to make mistakes which you will eventually learn from and even discover how best to correct/avoid those mistakes. I could vividly remember that when I started blogging newly my blog traffic was hampered due to some terrible mistakes […]

10 Costly Mistakes That Reduces Your Blog Traffic

root android device 2
Android has become very popular due to its never-ending customization options rooting consent. Every enthusiastic mobile user wants to enjoy every possibility of their mobile device but not every mobile company can give you that privileged. This is one of the reasons why android devices stand out. But should you pursue that path (root android device)? Does root provide what you need, or what you think you need? Anything that […]

Top 5 Reasons Not To Root Android Device

android smartphone
Android SmartPhone users have become so addicted to their phones than they realize. And yet, they do not know the true capabilities of their Android phones. Ok, do you know you can use your android SmartPhone to wake you up in the healthiest way, measure your heart rate, catch fish, diagnose a leaky window, and find treasure? Keep reading as I take you through some of the surprising things you can […]

Shocking Things You Can Do With Your Android SmartPhone

writing skill
Writing skill is not something one develops overnight. In fact, it is hard to develop. You have to write continuously for a long time before you can develop good writing skills. As a blogger, you need to develop your writing skill in order to write attractively and interestingly and retain your readers. As a writer, you have to impress your readers by avoiding grammatical errors, writing clearly and comprehensively. I […]

10 Solid Tips To Improve Your Writing Skill

android rooting
Android Rooting was a major part of using an Android phone for me and others who want to enjoy their android device to the fullest.  I have used quite a number of android phones for many years now. As an android enthusiast, I made sure I rooted most of these android phones. Installing custom ROMs to transform your device used to be fun; the total freedom you get with root access […]

Android Rooting: Why I Stopped It – The Alternative

Search Engine Traffic
The best traffic for any blog/website is search engine traffic (organic traffic). No matter the number of subscribers you have on your blog, organic traffic is what matters more than any other source of traffic to your blog. In order to start getting search engine traffic to your blog, there are few things you need to put in place first. Many bloggers think getting search engine traffic is very difficult […]

Why Your Blog is Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

social networking blog
Social networking blog is the next transition every blogger should be thinking once their blog starts getting lots of traffic. Your major aim of blogging may be to make money, but the real fun comes when you actually engage people in your blog by offering them a community where they can share their views with other people. This is very easy to do when you are hosting a niche blog. There are many ways to […]

10 Reasons to Turn Blog into Social Networking Blog

focus on blogging
Focus on blogging and leave social networking sites has been my sermon to newbies to the blogging busness. Today, I’m going to talk about those bloggers who spend most of their time on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + or any other, with no focus on marketing, but in ways that are a complete waste of time. Remember that Time = Money in business. This is a very bad […]

Reasons To Focus On Blogging and Leave Social Networking

professional blogger 2
Professional blogger is someone who is an expert at blogging. Whether you are blogging for the passion or you are blogging for the money or blogging to become popular, whatever your reason may be for blogging, what’s important is how well you are doing it. If you are spending quality time (at least 2 hours) with your blog everyday and you are yet to see good results. It’s time for you […]

6 Great Tips To Make You A Professional Blogger

Since its existence, PayPal has become one of the best means of transferring money online. Although, PayPal’s reliable service is security-tight, scammers still manage to find loopholes and escape routes to breach PayPal’s anti-scam precautions. The purpose of this article is to bring to your notice, the 5 major ways via which scammers cheat people on PayPal and also to show you how you can avoid them. Major Ways Via […]

5 Common PayPal Scams And Their Solutions

mouse pointing accuracy
Mouse pointing accuracy in Windows 10 is affected by many factors/options. These options are found in the Windows 10 settings. While operating your computer (playing games, typing, designing work, taking screenshots, drawing and so on), you may find it hard to point your mouse accurately in order to get your desired pixel. This tutorial is concerned with teaching you the various ways you can improve the mouse pointing accuracy of […]

Mouse Pointing Accuracy In Windows 10: How To Improve It

Install Linux Software on mac with Macports
MacPorts is a package manager for MacOS command-line. I believe those of  you familiar with apt-get or yum from Linux already know what a package manager is and what it does. Package manager handles downloading, installing, updating and managing certain applications and their dependencies within MacOS. You can install Linux software and applications on MacOS from the command line using MacPorts. Which Applications Can I Install? You can install applications that are open-source command-line […]

How To Install Linux Software On Mac With MacPorts

without google play store
Since the existence of Android phones, Google Play Store has been the one-stop shop for most Android Users. The reason is that Google Play Store’s large repository of Apps, Games and the like is the biggest in the World. There are times when you need to install Apps outside the Google Play Store. Unlike Apple, Google allows installation of Apps from other sources outside the Play Store. But Google still […]

How To Install Apps On Android Without Google Play Store

mac computers
Apple has said severally that viruses do not infect Mac computers. This is true. Mac computers have some kind of protections that renders viruses powerless. But it is not a 100% guarantee that Mac computers cannot be infected by virus. Because Mac computers hardly get attacked by viruses doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. To make your Mac computers 100% secure you will need very good antivirus software. […]

Do Mac Computers Need Antivirus Software?

Making your Android Phone look like a Windows Phone can spice up your device. Windows Phone has really failed in trying to fuse itself seamlessly with the PC version of Windows. Nevertheless, we still have some things from the Windows Phone that are still useful and worth keeping. Most of these Windows Phone features are available in one form or another for Android Users. The purpose of this article is […]

How To Make Your Android Phone Look Like A Windows Phone